Hi, I am Melissa!

17 years ago I started my photography journey. I was a stay at home mom and like many, inspired by my own littles to pick up a camera. Being able to photograph my own children plus so many others became a constant in my life. It brought me great joy and still does! For many years I enjoyed a full-time photography business, won a few awards, opened my own studio and made so many friends along the way. Life had other plans for me and my future which led me to becoming part-time. However, who said time would stop my LOVE for photography, so many beautiful faces and kind hearts.

So it's 2023 and the time feels right to progress into photography full-time again. My littles are no longer little anymore. In fact they've grown up quite a bit. My oldest will be a sophomore at OSU this fall! Then there's my young men who are now 14 (high school freshman and 17 (high school senior). We have been busy bees over here growing up and progressing into our futures!

I am beyond thankful to so many who have supported me throughout this journey. I hope you allow me to carry on my love for photography. Don't be shy, shoot me a message. I would love to learn more about your family and capturing those most precious memories in your life. Here's to my past littles and my future bigs!